BG Developments

In addition to vast range of AP Racing and Girling parts we stock, we are also CNC machining specialists, allowing us to manufacture our own ranges of calipers and discs to exacting standards in-house. As well as the cost benefit of this facility, it also allows us to offer bespoke product variants, which is especially useful for the Dunlop range of piston assemblies, where modified parts were often used. 

In 2013, our CNC facility manufactured over 9,500 disc mounting bells to more than 500 designs for most of the UK foundation brake suppliers. We also made several hundred bells to our own designs for marques such as BMW, Audi, TVR, Ferrari and Lotus. 


We have invested in a fibre Laser Etch machine which allows us to permanently mark almost any surface, mainly for traceability, but also popular with our customers for adding logos and other product information. 

We also added a large diameter CNC Haas lathe to enable us to more easily machine larger diameter discs and bells, which seems to be the current trend.