BG Developments

Congratulations to MP Motorsport, Geoff Steel Racing and everyone else behind their Britcar 24 Hour 2012 victory!

Running on BG Developments Bespoke Designed Brake Disc Bells and Caliper Mounting Brackets, with BG supplied AP Racing Discs: 

“Geoff Steel has been around in Britcar since the very first season, always running BMW’s, and with many wins and a title or so along the way, but success in the Britcar 24hrs has eluded him so far. Here he takes up the story: 
“Our Journey to the 24hrs was not easy; if anyone follows the Britcar Endurance Championship, they would regularly see our GTR car either struggling for power or reliability, sometimes both, and thrown into the mix earlier on this year, it didn’t handle very well either.

Other than fuel and tyres during the race we fitted brake pads and added one litre of engine oil. Other than that we never had to put a spanner on the car. She ran better and more reliably than we could have ever imagined - just goes to show how important correct preparation of the car is, you cannot cut any corners. We knew we couldn’t match the Class 1 cars on out-and- out pace, so needed to ensure we could catch up the difference by running more economically than they were. The plan for the race was to start at a reasonable pace to see how our pace and strategy would unfold against the other competitors. We kept a check on the Class 1 cars to see how it appeared their own fuel usage was panning out. A great help to us was accurate fuel usage, we could adjust lap times to ensure we could run long enough stints to leapfrog the faster, thirstier Class 1 cars. Taking the lead from around 11 hours in and only losing it for about 2 laps for the rest of the race is a massive achievement for us. “Tortoise and the Hare” springs to mind!! Consistent, average paced laps, good strategy and a fantastic pre race preparation (and some good luck!!) are what made this possible for us. Mark Poole (car owner) instructed us at Geoff Steel Racing to prepare the best car possible for him and his team of drivers and I believe we did just that.”” - Excerpt from Steve Woods write up on Britcar24hr website