BG Developments

For many years, BG Developments have CNC machined, assembled and tested a full range of the most popularly used Girling historic calipers - manufactured to the original specifications and from the highest quality UK castings. Our Girling range of reproduction calipers are used extensively in historic motor racing and are fully approved by the FIA for race use.

Aluminium Calipers

Our range of high strength cast Aluminium Calipers currently consists of:
For Solid Discs:
A R 2 Calipers
 (we can also offer the later AR types)
Specification: Piston Dia = 2", PL = 2.200", Offset = 0.975", Mtg Ctrs = 3.5", Disc Width 3/8"-7/16"
B R Calipers (Typ 1/2"x11.6" Disc. Applications include Lola T70 (modified pathway), GT40 Rear)
Specification: Piston Dia = 2.125", PL = 2.960", Offset = 1.070", Mtg Ctrs = 3.5", Disc Width 1/2"
C R Calipers (Typ 5/8"x12" Disc, Applications include AC Cobra Front, Lola T70 , GT40 Mk I Front)
Specification: Piston Dia = 2.375", PL = 3.160", Offset = 1.350", Mtg Ctrs = 3.5", Disc Width 1/2"-5/8"
O R A Calipers - these can be supplied with or without the handbrake linkages
Specification: Piston Dia = 1.750", PL = 2.860", Offset = 1.160", Mtg Ctrs = 2.687", Disc Width 1/2"

For Vented Discs:
16/4 Calipers (Applications include Lola T70 Rear, GT40 MkIV Rear)
Specification: Piston Dia = 1.5", PL = 3.360", Offset = 1.675", Mtg Ctrs = 3.5", Disc Width 1.1"-1.25"
Distance from mounting centres to top of pad 3.325". Distance from upright mounting face to disc centreline 1.669"

18/4 Calipers (Applications include Lola T70 Front, GT40 Mk IV Front)
Specification: Piston Dia = 1.690", PL = 3.360", Offset = 1.675", Mtg Ctrs = 3.5", Disc Width 1.1"-1.25"

Billet Centered GT40 Calipers are also held in stock

Maserati Tipo 60/61 'Birdcage'

Due to a lack of safe original calipers, we have scanned in and re-produced the Tipo 61 Birdcage Maserati calipers, being sympathetic to the original look of the caliper, we finish these with a very light anodising for protection, but leaving an “as machined” look.

We use modern seals and seal groove technology to give a good pedal feel, along with polished stainless steel pistons.

All the mounting and hydraulic fitting points are identical to the original.

Available with or without handbrake fitments for the rear.

Calipers are immediately available from Steve Hart Restorations

 IMAG0136IMAG0143 IMAG0143

Cast Iron Calipers
We also offer reproduction Girling 3 piston Cast Iron Calipers. These are also machined and built in-house from UK sourced premium grade cast iron.

17/3 Calipers - as fitted to the front of the Series 2 onward E Types and Aston Martin DB5 and DB6 amongst others

We produce the 17/3 calipers with either 3" mounting centres as an upgrade brake to E Types or with 3.5" mounting centres for fitment to later E Types and Aston Martin DB5/6

12/3 Calipers - as fitted to the rear of the Aston Martin DB5/6 and can be supplied with or without handbrake linkages.

Although these calipers were originally designed for road use we do recognise that the cars are often raced so we can offer these calipers with high temperature seals and without dirt seals which is more suitable for racing.