BG Developments

In addition to the substantial range of A P Racing brake discs that we offer we also have the facility to produce brake discs in house.

Manufactured from high quality iron castings and suitable for even the most aggressive racing, we can produce discs from either a pattern or drawing.  We can also supply a range of obsolete historic road car discs from our extensive records, a sample of which are show below:-

MAKE / MODEL :                       BG PART NO. : NOTES :  
AC Ace Front                              BGSD134-10 11 5/8" OD
Aston Martin DB2/4 Front        BGSD149-10 Mk III  
Aston Martin DB4 Front            BGSD105-10 Chassis 0000 - 0250 AM # 20.27.101
Aston Martin DB4 Front            BGSD122-10 Chassis 0251 - 1000 AM# 20.46.107
Aston Martin DB4 Front            BGSD121-14 Chassis 1001 onwards AM# 22.27.104
Aston Martin DB4 Rear             BGSD123-10   AM# 20.27.104
Aston Martin DB4 GT  Front     BGSD105-12    
Aston Martin DB5/6 Front          BGSD121-15    
Aston Martin DB5/6 Rear           BGSD124-11    
Aston Martin V8 Thin Rear        BGVD03-11    
Aston Martin V8 Thick Rear      BGVD035-12    
Brabham BT30 Front                 BGSD136-11    
Brabham BT30 Rear                  BGSD136-10    
Brabham F2 Front                      BGSD136-12 10 1/2" OD  
Chevron B8 1968 Front              BGSD160-10    
Chevron B8 1968 Rear               BGSD136-13    
Chevron B19 Front                     BGVD035-17 Vented  
Cooper Front                               BGSD135-14 10 1/4"  
Cooper T45 Front                        BGSD136-19    
Ferrari 250 LM Front                BGSD105-13    
Ferrari 275 GTB Front              BGSD137-10    
Ferrari 275 GTB Rear                 BGSD137-11    
Ford Escort Group 4 Rear        BGSD136-16 Solid  
Ford GT 40 Front                       BGSD134-11 Solid  
Ford GT40 Rear                         BGSD134-12 Solid  
Jaguar D-Type Front              BGSD103-10    
Jaguar D-Type Front             BGSD103-11 Wide  
Jaguar D-Type Rear             BGSD104-10    
Jaguar E-Type Front             BGSD151-10 For Lightweight cars  
Jaguar E-Type Rear              BGSD158-10 Thick  
Jaguar E-Type Rear               BGVD035-13 BG Vented Upgrade  
Lotus                                   BGSD009-10 9.5" Outside Diameter 6 Hole  
Lotus                                   BGSD136-17 10.5" Outside Diameter 6 Hole  
Lotus 22/23 Front              BGSD009-11 9.5" Outside Diameter 4 Hole  
Lotus 22/23 Rear               BGSD309-10 9.5" Outside Diameter 6 Hole  
Lotus 69 Rear                   BGSD112-12    
Lotus Elite Rear                BGSD116-10 "Bumpy"  
Lotus Sunbeam Front        BGVD035-14 Vented  
Aston Martin DB5/6 Front and Rear

GT40 Front & Rear in both solid & vented 

A C Cobra Front and Rear for both  the iron caliper and  alloy caliper set up
Lola T70 MK3b and Lola T70 Spyder
Jaguar Mk9 [larger Dunlop set up]
In addition to the above we can also offer a conversion service to produce a two piece disc set up from a one piece standard setup.  For road car applications especially this can offer a much improved heat capacity within the discs which prevents warping without the expense of a full brake conversion.  All we would require is a sample disc to work to.